What is Functional Fitness?

We combine weightlifting, powerlifting, calisthenics, gymnastics, kettlebells, running and rowing. The possibilities are endless for your workout, but the goals are always the same: to improve your health, fitness level, and overall thought process regarding getting yourself in good shape, better shape, and ultimately the best shape in your life!  Why?  So that you are not another one of the 80% of our American population that falls victim to chronic disease (obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease, etc).

Our type of training allows you to transfer the skills learned to ANY sport, developing you into a more efficient athlete, with the mental and physical strength to give you a major competitive edge.  Because it is universally scalable, any and all fitness levels are able to start with a class, all we ask is that you come in with a good attitude and are coachable.  If you are able to do those two things, we will change your life and how you define fitness!

anyone can Jump into our program, even you!!